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Dear Harry

I just completed my first Integrity course and it was so amazing. I finally feel gratitude and reverence which is so humbling. I have fully awakened and have no excuses any more, it's my turn to step up and be responsible. It feels so empowering and excitingly scary! Thank you so much for bringing Avatar into the world. 

Much love
Hinu Komene- Australia

Dear Harry,

The Internship as a Master in Orlando with my two students was very successful. It was wonderful to work with American Masters who put so much faith in my abilities to guide the students and be responsible.

I made a big stretch the day before my flight here. We discovered our flight was a day earlier than we thought. My partner and I were getting ready, it was my birthday and the house was in chaos. A student that had wanted to come but had not answered the phone in days although he wanted to come to the course. I was inspired by a fellow Master and a Stars Edge Trainer to stretch to connect with him. I felt like I had to take the car and just drive by the students house. It was a day full of other things to be done but I felt I would drop him if I didn't. I hit quite some feelings there, but by the evening I was with him. My partner drove me there and totally agreed with my stretching action.

The next morning as we had breakfast the students mother called me to say something had happened that night and she would be bringing him to the course.

He is now opening up and dealing with his life that he nearly threw away! Well that's not going to happen now because he has the tools. Thank you. I am so glad I stretched and reached out to him.

Maaike Knoester- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I loved your talk today "How to Explain Everything". I love to explain everything. I learned it from my Mom. I feel so much gratitude! I am at the Masters Integrity Course and I just finished another Transparent Belief Exercise, coached by a beautiful hearted woman from Brazil who just recently completed the Avatar Course. My experience was being a pessimist and the Transparent Belief was amazing. Wow! I'm so glad I can trust these new companions, what a beauty. What a blessing for me to stop the resistance and to help others to evolve. By the way my new friends and Mom will be coming to their first Wizards! Love,

Carlos Roche- USA

Dear Harry,

I am extremely grateful for the tools of Avatar. Here on my first Integrity Course I could really find a very deep level of being responsible and come out of my lifelong victim perspective which I allowed to run my life's experience. It is so relieving and freeing! It feels like a new life. Thank you very much. Also the compassion and love for others and my environment is constantly increasing. Love you,

Gisela Eilinges- Germany