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I was so inspired by one of the Trainers, John, when he said "A miracle will not happen by doing what you are doing now. It will only happen when you challenge yourself with something you haven't ever tried". Now I can fully understand the importance of not making any limitations in my life.

When I was doing an exercise I could really feel your love Harry and I just burst into tears for the first time as I felt that I am connected to compassion. Thank you so much for providing lots of love and compassion for the world.

R.I.- Japan

Dear Harry,

I am working at the Integrity Course at Masters. I've had many realizations and found Transparent Beliefs about how I need lot's of people to be satisfied, how I have used people and how I protected having those beliefs. With them there was intense lack of gratitude and no humbleness. Thank you so much for helping me become aware of this and stopping the suffering I was putting in the world. Love,

Fernanda Fernandes- Brazil

Dear Harry,

I have been on a roller coaster in consciousness today. Seeing how litlle I am responsible aware source in my life, how I keep myself and others unstable by not creating stabel reference points and then I am re-writing my childhood stories. Yes, from one perspective my Mother hadn't there for me on a particular day and yes, I had not been there for her that day when she needed me most. Wow! This is changing my life. Thanks Harry. Much love,

Fiona Campbell


Dear Harry,

Although I have spent many efforts trying to integrate my relationship before, it seems I still repeat the same experiences. This time I have found that I have been operating through an amazing belief. " I use this relationship as a tool to get what I want." Wow. It's all about what I can get. I truely owned this belief this time. I don't feel good about it. But I do decide to integrate it. Thank you!

March Chung Chu-Yu