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Dear Harry,

I wanted to say I have popped the biggest piece in my life. I was always at war to protect my magic. I am 34 and a Shaman, musician, professional body worker, Qigong teacher, Yoga teacher. I have been inducted into Egypt Mysteries School and more. We all have these stories, but 5 years ago I was in The Peninsula De Osa in Costa Rico with a vision to just drop out and connect with Nature Source. I came to Avatar instead after a Chief did a ritual with me and sent me back to the west.

Today I came to Integrity with a piece that has kept me in a qualifying space with Avatar. You see I have spent me life gathering the tools for my E.P.C. affinity, however because I was at war with qualifying the integrity of spiritual organizations, like the Sufi Order, Amerit Des. Yogi, Dao and Qigong(Sup. Science), they all failed to build the bridges necessary to create the E.P.C. I believe we are in a time where the patriarchal male and its order needs to step down and allow the Mother ( Goddess/Matriarch) to rule compassionately. This is the time to make bridges between all these organizations that I have been working with.

I feel I have finally qualified Avatar in the mode of the Bodhisattva of compassion and integration. I have also dealt with the identity around testing organizations by strategically dissecting them. My humblest apologies to Avra, the Trainers and Qualified Masters. However I must report finding a compassionate and authentic desire, in the form of the strongest Sangha and Primary I have ever seen, to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I am now fully integrated with the Integrity Course and with becoming a Qualified Master. This is my destiny and I thank you one million times for your primary creation and for playing the part of my initiator and teacher. Warmest feeling to you, Avra and Star's Edge.

Neal Henegar- USA

This Masters integrity Course is awesome and is more powerful each year. I thank God and Harry Palmer for the course, for myself and for the world. This course contributes greatly to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

J.J. - USA

Dear Harry,

I am at The Integrity Course, day four and many miles from where I began. What an incredible course and what an amazing way to live! In this world, in this way with all my dearest friends close by, I CAN be the change I seek. Primaries from long ago are arriving and I so love this work! I am blessed to be able to share these materials. Thank you,

Graham MacDonald- USA

Dear Harry,

Here I am just after doing part of the Source List and being present at the morning talk. I am experiencing whatever it is called, perhaps bliss or perhaps just Source at a deeper level. I have had so many of these moments in my life (at age 70), many of them through Avatar work, but what I feel now (and since early this A.M.) is the feeling that I can access this level of consciousness/awareness more easily because of the Integrity tools. To see that we are all doing the same kinds of "dances" of control or be controlled, so now I have nothing left to prove to anyone or them to me! That is a gift beyond compare that you have given. It is no wonder that the gift of these tools has attracted people who can carry on the mission so beautifully.

Thank you again for your gift and for all that we receive from Avra and all the others Trainers and Qualified Masters. Love,

Deborah Silvey- USA

Hi Harry!

I think this might be my first letter to you despite starting in 1992. So...good to touch bases at last!

I have had some fairly deepset patterns that I haven't been able to shift despite years of focus. So last year I reviewed all the Avatar Courses except Integrity. Now I have done Integrity. And this course has finally pryed the champagne cork out of the bottle! Time to celebrate and integrate. I uncovered old beliefs, like "The pain is unbearable", which prevented me getting there. Nice course Harry! Really thanks very much to you, to Avra and the team.

Now there will be some good stuff to come! See you around, love and appreciation,

Richard Armitage- United Kingdom