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Dear Harry,

After 2 days on this Integrity course I feel the most gratitude I've ever felt since.....? This morning I saw the sun shining on the dutch, green lands, on the houses where families try to make safe happy homes. I saw the geese, the sheep....I felt this creation of your efforts to gather the love in people and direct it together to manifest heaven on earth: the Enlightened Planetary Civilization. For many years I told myself, by the judgements of others, their examples and my own doubts, that I was a dreamer. A somewhat naive positive thinker, not having her feet on the ground. Harry, you created the safest place on earth to come home in love, with others, within myself and I can almost cry.

I am so grateful. You directed me to a place, into a place I really feel like me: an angel heart in a human definition, being able to support the creation of heaven on earth with a fine Master identity. I looove the new Masters on this course by the way! Again, grateful, gratitude- your grace is HUGE! Love,

Maaike Knoester- The Netherlands