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All aspects of my life changed immediately. I easily completed the difficult process of moving my my home and clinic one day; I started new online psychological counseling work, online medical treatment and lectures to adapt to the pandemic lockdown... my contact with... friends and customers is particularly easy and effective. - Yadong, China

I feel a lightness in myself. There is no tension in my body...I feel a confidence I've never felt before and have been pleasantly surprised by my manner of conducting myself in conversation. There is something different in the way I'm presenting myself that has never existed in me and it's happening on a deep feel-it level!  -  G.G.- Australia

I am a psychologist and life coach by trade, and have tried many different self-development courses, seminars and retreats, and non of them has had such a powerful transformational effect on my as this one! I was able to identify and work through many of my issues, stories and beliefs (moreso than in therapy), and as such I feel so magnificently alive and connected with everything!  -Efren H., USA

Dear Avra and Harry,

I'd like to share how grateful I am for having the Avatar tools in my life. This week is my last week at my current workplace and since I got back from Wizards I had the feeling to leave. Since then, I've been through some lessons in my life, some of them were not the easiest to take, and my journey was all about finding my own reference point.

I am thankful that I can see, that there is nothing wrong with my job or the people I'm surrounded by there. I am leaving without any feeling of righteousness. I know now, what matters is that I stay in my wisdom and from there just give the space and love. Being curious to get the other one. Before, I was busy with trying to get attention, just like a puppy.