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Hey Harry,

The other Masters said to write you my experiences even if they aren't profound insights. I can see now that it keeps you connected to us, your little troopers! I have been going through some big life stuff, like breaking up a 61/2 year relationship and losing my job. When I interned recently I was really wanting to bring all this stuff into the classroom. Thankfully I didn't! But I have realized now that I totally brought in all my crap here at the Integrity Course which, I reckon, is the right place. I had been totally thrown off, feeling like this was my first Integrity Course and I wasn't really owning and feeling my beliefs, etc. But now I guess it's just really nice to realize what patterns I have been totally playing out. How I use shutting down, locking down, to disarm people.

Thank you Harry for creating the most amazing thing ever. It really is a blessing to be on this planet with you. Love,

Kat Zimmerman- USA

Dear Harry,

Your primary is so sacred for me. I really want to be able to contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you for allowing me to belong; thank you for your humble presence and guidance that keeps a safe place for all of us to unfold and discover ourselves, so that we can allow ourselves to come forward and share our gifts with humanity. I thank the universe for warrior souls like you and Avra. I send you both, and all the Trainers and Qualified Masters, my reverence, respect and gratitude. I will keep on walking the path.


Dear Harry,

It's Tuesday and after 2 rounds of Integrity everything slowed down and got quiet in my mind.
I don't think I ever felt this sense of peace.
I feel different, calm, without the turmoil-an amazing space was created.

Thank you so much for this work.

Love always,
Astrid Brouwer

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the material you created. The Integrity Course is one of my favorites because it gives you the opportunity to dig and find my own oil. It is sticky, messy and my first reaction has been to disown it! As I work through my stages of drama about it and process this crude oil it transforms into a hidden treasure, The faith in the Avatar material allows me to collect this priceless gift with humble appreciation and use it as an inspiration to share it with others. With love,

Helena Andrade- USA