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Dear Harry,

In the first exercise of this Masters Integrity Course I felt and already found my winning points for this course. My course goals are working on relationships. I started with the topic of no commitment or follow through. When I was writing down all the beliefs about the topic I found three Transparent Beliefs. Finding these three Beliefs gave me so much free attention. I could see and feel that these three beliefs cover a lot of patterns in my life. The bonus came when I found another Transparent belief, "When I drop out, I control you". This is what I have been doing my whole life with the people around me. I am so happy that I can change this now! With love,

Jorien Van der Ven- The Netherlands

Dear Harry,

I have been using people as pawns in my game all my life. Little or no connection and no regard for them or their feelings. This last round of work at the Integrity Course has my games busted for all to see. My level of distain for humanity and my impact on humanity was profound. I am very grateful to be able to see this. Thank you. Much love,

Lin Walden- Australia

Dear Harry,

This has been the most powerful Integrity Course I've done. I came with an intention of really digging into some core patterns. I have to thank the teammates in my groups for supporting me to feel the those last pieces of ownership beliefs that were creating the experiences. I found I had bad intentions, resisted bits of no responsibility and just plain childish maliciousness. If you have ever been around a two year old that just wants to be destructive you'll know what I mean.

I feel different, and it also feels like the skies (and my consciousness) are starting to clear. Thank you so much for creating this course for us. It has relieved so much suffering! Love,

Linda Hauser- USA


Dear Harry,

What can I say to let you know just how incredible the tools and materials are. I've taken ownership of some big pieces on this Integrity Course and I know I will use the creative energy to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards. As you have said Harry " This is the task that has fallen to our shift" and I'm up for it. Your talk this week, "How To Explain Everything" really brought the message home to me that we have work to do. How amazing, from one vertical line written on the board, you simplified in a few minutes what felt like years of accumulated wisdom and spiritual practice. I love your humour and when this talk comes out on a DVD, I'm sure it will really speak to everyone, especially the younger generation coming through.

Thank you for holding such a high intention for all living beings whoever they may be time and space. Love and hugs to you,

Shirley Greer- USA