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Dear Harry,

I am so grateful for these tools! During this week on The Wizard Course I became increasingly aware of being judgmental and critical of others. This showed up in every exercise and I was getting more and more uncomfortable with this state of being.

I saw a Trainer for support and used one of the exercises recommended which shifted me in short order. What incredible exercises!

Then I did one of the rundowns on being critical and found some big dis-aligning beliefs about care, compassion and love. Also I found beliefs about anger, hatred and abuse. When younger I had created the belief that being judgmental and critical was "The only way to protect myself". Being young and disempowered I believed I had nothing to fight back with but my mind, my angry thoughts.

The moment I got this was liberating! I could feel the remorse for my thoughts, but also compassion for my younger self believing there was no other ammunition to fight back with. The bottom line is I feel free from this habit! I feel liberated and grateful for the tools that you have provided! Thank you! With much love,

Michelle LaFrance- USA