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Dear Harry,

Coming back from The Wizard Course 2011 were Marja (also Avatar from the Netherlands) and I at the airport having a break.

There was a woman who asked us something in Spanish. We could not understand, but we gestured that she was welcome to sit with us. We tried a conversation, it didn’t work out. When I asked where she was going she showed her ticket, but I felt a voyeur to look further than the destination .. Texas. The lady continued to sit in peace with us and enjoyed our donuts.

Mary and I both grabbed our laptop and after a call to the Netherlands I thought, maybe that lady wants to call family. As gestures go, she showed a note with two names and addresses, of which I could read well. I called the number and gave Mrs. the headphone. After the call I got the headphones back and did some other phone calls. Then the lady just walks away, leaving her drink bottle.

A minute later an emotional woman runs at us in tears. She thanked us for taking care of her mother. She had lost her at the airport and for quite some time she was searching. Through my laptop the Lady called her son in Texas and he called her (his sister) at the airport to say where mother was sitting.

Marja and I were stunned,, until then we did not know we had done a good deed. Maybe it was just the feel of Wizards. Wonderful. Greetings,

Betty Weijermars- The Netherlands