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Dear Harry and Avra,

I was privileged to be one of four Masters at a recent local Avatar Course
in Santa Barbara, CA. Four students completed the course and it was held at
fellow Master Glenn Scott's beautiful home.

While I was an intern at four deliveries last year, I had not delivered to a
small group in such an intimate setting. However, the results were just as

The Avatar materials, from start to finish, guided each student through
their beliefs and experiences: gently, profoundly, lovingly, efficiently and
effectively. They all had significant breakthroughs and left wanting to
experience more Avatar.

Not only have I been inspired by the Avatar Course by delivering but have
noticed subtle, and not so subtle, changes after the course in my own desire
to experience life fully and create new intentions.

Avatar created a win-win situation of inspiring all who shared the course

I wanted to share my continued gratitude to both of you, as well as Star's
Edge, for sharing these tools of enlightenment, encouragement and
empowerment . It is an honor to be just a small part of creating an EPC.

Also, please feel the depth of my gratitude for the work both of you do on a
regular basis and for holding the vision of an enlightened planetary
civilization that inspires others to believe it's possible!

With Love and Peace!
Jim Jackson