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Part I: ReSurfacing showed me how undeliberately I have lived so far. I was successful in creating deliberately my indoctrinations on and on and on. A big AHA was the expereince of transparent beliefs.

Part 2: The Walk for Atonement in the morning was a good beginning. The guidance to the Feel-its was exciting. The work with the Source List brought me a lot of realizations regarding myself. I found a lot of old patterns and recognized a lot of new ones. Thank You so that I could experience on the Source List again, big issues of my life and integrate them. A big special thank you to Michael for his caring, humorous guidance.

Part 3: The Initiation and the Ultimate Process, I experienced as "Welcome to Life". With creating of Primaries-- after I got it -- I have had a lot of fun. Thank you to the whole team. I can create my life now.