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My mother called me today. She wanted to tell me about the miracle she was experiencing.
When I visited her in February, we had many opportunities to talk as we walked on the Palisades in Santa Monica. One evening the park was deserted because of the misty fog. We felt that we were in our own protected sanctuary. The street lights filtered through the palms and gave a private light to our conversation.
She confided that even with all the therapy she had had that she still couldn't let go of the anger and resentment she felt toward her step-mother. (My mother is eighty-three years old now.)
I listened to her and felt her. I asked if she would like to let all that go. Her tears were genuine.
I led her through the Compassion Exercise from ReSurfacing After awhile, we walked on together.
Today she thanked me. She told me that she hasn't experienced any of the old resentment since that night.
Thank you AVATAR for this gift.

S. S.-USA-08