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Dear Harry,

I would like to flow huge amounts of gratitude your way and also to Avra and all the Stars Edge Trainers. I want to share with you the huge gains I/we have made since we decided to stretch and go to the Wizards Course.

My husband and I have been experiencing struggle around money for many years. We had each done some work around it but still felt very limited “because of it”. I intuitively knew we needed to work together as that was something we had been unable to do, always hitting out stuff and not being able to align.

We decided to do Wizards together this time and held a “Type four” belief that we could create the money to go. With that we booked our tickets several months ahead and even got a “2 for 1” airfare discount! Money started to create and opportunities arose as we held a higher intention. We started feeling and integrating stuff around responsibility, not taking responsibility and Transparent Beliefs about each other and work.

When we got to Wizards it was incredible in many different ways. My husband and I were able to realize and handle lots and lots of stuff that got in the way of us being able to trust each another and also about being successful.

After returning home, within a few months, I had created an amazing job that is well paid and flexible enough to allow me to continue delivering Avatar as a Master. We have handled our considerable debt and owe no money! The most amazing things are happening and money seems to be coming from everywhere! This is a new experience….having money and the will to not blow it all and instead go for the good. What a shift!!

I love you all for the support, the wisdom to see beyond secondaries and your courage to keep going for the goal, an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Something I have always felt and didn’t know how to start. Thank you,

Lee-Ann Haynes-Folan- Australia