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Dear Harry,

Strolling through Orlando airport, I slipped into an observational-mode lucid-dreaming state of crystal clarity. Colors were bright yet silent; everyone smiling and moving in slow motion; the bumps on the skin of a tangerine cast shadows like Mount Everest. (I'm convinced that the QM's and trainers inject some kind of Super Feel-It Juice into area just beyond the check-in portal to fortify us for the trip back to our other homes.)

All at once it hit me: Thanks to you, we really do have a WORKABLE TECHNOLOGY for world peace. But not just as some pipe-dream theory, some wistful "maybe in our lifetimes" ideal. No. World peace is an ARM'S LENGTH away. Or a quick side-step. Even trying to put this into words flattens out the experience, but I wanted to try to share the feel of it with you. For several minutes, I felt a heightened sensation akin to dropping into a parallel universe -- but actually, it felt more like a glimpse into the short-term future of THIS universe.

All our lives, we've adopted a primitive, particle-pushing approach to exorcising our demons -- with worse than awful results. Prisons, guns, revenge,
punishment. But I've realized that simply "disarming" (wresting weaponry away from scared people; smashing the instrument panels of fighter aircraft) is simply another flavor of that same particle-pushing Muggle technology. Without addressing the underlying fear, it simply isn't workable.

Avatar gives us a way to address the underlying fear. Nobody has to put down their guns or bust the prison walls until they're ready, but with a critical mass of Avatar awareness, enough of us will be ready sooner than we think.

Things are accelerating. Lifetime, schmifetime!

Even as I scrabble for words, the feel of my experience is slipping away, so I'll end now.

Thank you Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we hold the technology to co-create world peace in DAYS.

But no worries:

Jenny Nazak- Licensed Avatar Master