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Dear Harry,

Coming into this holiday time is such a delight for me this year with Master Gatherings, Intros, calls to people who want to be contacted by an Avatar Master interspersed with wrapping presents and talking with family. When I spoke with my mother yesterday, she asked me if I would always be on the phone when I was there for Christmas and asked me if I ever took a vacation. It was the absolute best for me to realize in the moment when I said to her: "Can you imagine working at something you love so much that your work actually is your vacation?"

I had 18 Masters at my house yesterday working on their next step on their Avatar Path. We all watched your Pro talk, Managing Change. That evening you were in my living room again in Make Up Your Mind during an Intro with a guy who was also working on his next step. He will be on course in January!

There are no words that can express my gratitude for all that you continually give and most especially for this "vacation" of letting me have Avatar as my life's work. Thank you, Harry, from the bottom of my heart.

With much love and gratitude,