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Dear Harry,

By attending the Avatar Course this time as an Interning Master I wanted to learn service to others and wanted to increase my conviction in the material and tools. I have learned how to handle my creations I have to handle behind the scenes. I have learned the power of intending the students connect to the material and have good experiences  and to direct my attention out. When I trust the students as Source they can easily get good results from the exercises. I saw two students and know of another that had amazing results with the Body Handle rundown in Section III. My surrounding helped me to increase my conviction.

The feelings of connection , using the tool I learned the first day at the Master Course, was a valuable and wonderful experience for me as a first time intern. I decided to face issues I need to face and I'm on the way to letting go of useless identities and resistance. I decided to move forward deliberately again from the bottom of my heart.  From now on I will work harder to create new Avatars. I received many big gifts. Thank you very much.

Yuichiro Murakami- Japan