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Dear Harry,
I so much appreciate your materials. I re–read the Professional Course materials and, through the exercises, I felt into my marriage. For ten years, I was always feeling up and down within my marriage. Often, after feeling great again, suddenly I would want to run away from marriage and sometimes, in my imagination, I even saw my husband die, so that I would no longer suffer in my creations.

Now, after using the tools of Avatar, I am very grateful that I made the right choice for myself and that I am married to my husband. Now I realize that it was me having a strong desire of wanting to look after my husband. This thought is what had brought him to me. Wow! What a great insight. For the first time in my life ever I felt so aligned my life goal of wanting to look after him. Just realizing this in my being, I felt the space of life and the quality of my love. Feeling the ability to have this love is Awesome for me!! I was always blaming myself for having no love, believing "I don`t know what love is or how to love people". Here, now, with just this discovery of myself , I know I want to look after him.

I have felt never so great or so enlightened. I discovered that I am a great human-being, having this love and compassion. I love myself, I love Avatar, I love my husband! So thank you for your great materials. I love you and thank you for sharing your dream with us and letting us have the chance to change our life and world.

Julie Tu- Australia