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Dear Harry,

On Saturday morning, after an incredible entity rundown and during my ultimate process I had a wonderfully enlightening experience, which I thought I would share with you.
Essentially it consisted of simultaneously feeling all that is. An eagle. A ripple. Air. The swirl of water behind a diving fish. Man's legacy both material and metaphysical. The universe shining on and on and on. Sound pulsing in feel. A bug, busy between the stone flags of an ancient pathway. The collective sound of every child alive laughing. The microscopic detail of the sheets I was lying on. My breath. Fossils. The feel of every colour wap-wapping through my senses. Unborn creatures. Unspoken wisdoms. The feel of shapes. More and more and more. And my connectedness to it all...... The potential of creation. The potential of me. The potential of sentient beings, if only, if only, if only.... All outside the limits of time. (words, they just don't do it justice.)
My world has changed. I feel in awe. Once again, thank you.
Gratitude love and soul connecting joy I send to you, Avra and the team.