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I did The ReSurfacing Workshop and since then my life has begun to change. My wife and I did the workshop together. Our family was falling apart. We have a 16-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter, and all four of us were pulling in different directions. We were a family in appearance only. With everyone doing their own thing there was very little love shared, not much concern for children growing up and needing attention, appreciation and large doses of compassion and understanding.
After the one-day course we started to do the Compassion Exercise together, and we verbalized our appreciation for each other. We did this every day. Within just a few days there were visible signs of love, caring, understanding, and there was a lot of hugging. It just turned our lives completely around.
I then signed up for The Avatar Course. My personal life then changed so much that everywhere I went people remarked how much better I looked. My wife and children kept commenting about how much I'd changed: from a man who had so many fears and so much anger to a compassionate man, appreciating everyone and everything.
Harry, you are the greatest, thank you. It is because of Avatar that I have changed. Through me my family has been touched, and we are all together now.
I have taken control of my life. I am now flowing, and I know the direction that I want to go. I have been able to get rid of so much garbage. I know now what it is to live deliberately, and I know that lots of exciting things will be taking place in my life and that of our little family.
My life's goal is to reach out to other human beings with love and compassion and spread Avatar and enlightenment after I have completed The Master Course.
I am happy to be me.