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My first day of Resurfacing, I lost my camera on my way to lunch. I was very upset. I retraced my steps, asked others at the course, even talked to the hotel staff, but no luck. I told my Avatar Master (Maria Styles) about the situation. She used exercise Releasing Fixed attention. I calmed down and came to the conclusion, "I will either find it, or not."

After lunch break, we began the exercise Minding the Edges. When we went for our walk, I began going out the closest door to our chairs. Suddenly as if guided, I turned left instead and began tracing the steps I had taken when I lost my camera. As I watched the floor in front of me, I asked myself, "This is what I see... What don't I see?" Suddenly, I saw the edge of the table draped in a table skirt. I quickly lifted the shirt and found my camera all within abut 20 seconds of starting the exercise.

Wendy Elkes- Maitland, FL- July 10, 2009