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Dear Harry and Avra,

Thank you for your commitment to the success of the mission....the space we can all stop into where EVERBODY WINS! The grand prize is a compassionate state of grace and awe and power and joy that comes from being kind and bold in the world. I met a future Wizard less than two weeks ago, a lion who thought she was an outcast sheep (thank you for the lovely story) - she is here, on course with the Sangha of awakening beings committed to unstoppable success. She and I shared an awesome initiation just before your talk. We both wept in gratitude and wonder. "This is the happiest day of my life...", she said. We both know no words could come close to touching the magnificence of Being, shared and showered across the world...and she'll be with us at the next Master Course and Wizards!

Linda Waters (Intern)