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Dear Harry,

I am an interning Master. I am so happy and able to keep my attention out. It is so much more interesting to live in the moment and stay in appreciation with the tool we learn at Masters. Each time I have an opinion about something, I think to myself "This is only my opinion nothing more" and I let it go without response. Also, when I am afraid of doing it wrong, I am aware I am allowed to make mistakes and that it is a good way to learn. Now I have the guts to take the risk of an action that may not be the right one. Now I know that doing something with a good intention is always much better than doing nothing because of a fear of failing. This gives me freedom!

Also Baby-Eyes (from your mini-course #2) is a miracle! It gives everything the space to be. It gives peace and care. I thank you for these tools. I thank you for the fact that you made these things not only understandable but realistic and available to experience as much as you want. All the things I learned, it is too many to tell, make me feel strong, trustful, peaceful, aware of what happens, grateful and happy!

The most nice thing is that I have a lot of free attention so I have the space to use my attention for others and to create many Avatars. What I know is that there is one thing to do and that is; Do it! By doing it I learn and become what I intend to become. I understand now that I am in this moment in my place and that I am always in my place wherever that is on the path I am going on. This gives me trust.

Lots and lots of space for everybody I meet. I love to tell about the possibility you created to live a great life! The challenge you gave is already a gift to everybody. Thank you. I love you,

Henriette Wijnakker- The Netherlands