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Dear Harry,

I just had the weirdest experience this morning while doing a source list:
I got stuck in "I'm happy to be me" for quite a while. It was heavy, I didn't want to create it, just plain ordinary resistance, but with a lot of energy.
At a certain moment, while exaggerating a secondary, I rapidly cited the complete source list with intention, and wham... everything changed. My primary became "the world is a reflection of me", no secondaries, as if I just completed the whole source list. It was light, sparkling..., primary.
It felt as if from an other, higher dimension, I folded the four dimensions we usually live in and stepped over to a completely different place and time. It actually felt like stepping into a parallel universe, something I have tried to imagine, but hadn't succeeded in up to now.
My coach shifted with me, naturally.
An amazing experience, what a power in the source list, what a power to create.

Thank you Harry, for helping me create a happy me and a better world to live in.
With love and appreciation,