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Dear Harry,

I met Avatar for the first time just two months ago. Then I went to the Avatar Course, the Master Course, and now this first Internship at the International Avatar Course with Avra. My two daughters are my students and I can't really feel it's possible that my daughters became Avatar.

I have kept being impressed with this course. And I had a lot of big, big realizations. The most impressive thing was that I witnessed my daughters' transformation. I have never imagined that it was so touching to see their consciousness awakening and flowering in front of me, and I realized that I had made their value down. It was my mistake to think that they couldn't do anything without my care. They are not mine. They are beingness, to be respected as source. This was really a big realization for me. Now I am really proud of myself to have given my daughters the best gift (this course). They are lively and filled with confidence, and they look different than nine days ago. They say " I feel there is nothing I can't do." Their goals for the future were set clearly, and seeing that they can't stop being excited makes me happy deeply. Our relationship will be a wonderful one from now on.

Harry, you are really a wonderful person and so is Avra. A pretty bird and a pin Avra gave us will be my treasure. It was the most wonderful treasure for them to receive a hug from Avra when they became Avatar, to have taken a picture with Avra, and to have recieved great applause from about 800 people from 39 countries.

I love your words "Everything is Alright and "You are Alright". Every time I am in trouble, I repeat singing "Everything is alright...", while dancing like you. I really respect you for having created such amazing tools, and I give you appreciation form my heart. One thing I felt regret about was that you didn't come to the course, but it is alright. I will definitely come to see you with my daughters! You are really the wizard Mr. Dumbledore for us. We will come to the Wizard Course at any cost to learn magic directly from you!!

Eri Sakamoto- Japan