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I would like to share my success during the Master empowerment workshop in Hengelo with you. There are 4 topics I will refer to.

1. I have an almost 22 year old son called David. He is the child of my first relationship which ended in divorce in 1996. Between 2001 and 2006 he lived in my home. Looking for a transparent belief related to the often quite difficult relationship to him, I found that I always believed that I am responsible for the situation in part only. I suddenly realized that I am fully responsible for David, despite the part of him that is his mother. Responsibility can not be divided into parts -- your past, my past, it is always one and I wish to support him as best I can.

2. ‘Til MEW, I thought that inspiring people is selling a product which can be hard and frustrating. During these three days, I was able to feel that inspiring people is basically a matter close to the heart. So, in fact, it is not hard to be in appreciation, and all attention for somebody. Being authentic and honest are the major virtues creating new students.

3. So far, I didn't understand how the primary/secondary story works. I could feel the results, but I always wanted to understand the phenomenon. On the MEW for the first time, I got a glimpse inside, how it might work. For the first time I realized that exaggerating the secondary combined with some emotional process is reshuffling the brain and the beliefs due to their plasticity. This is the way to align life deliberately.

4. Thank you so much for your talks. I love the images you are using. Your words are inspiring, compassionate, and encouraging. With Love.

M.K.- The Netherlands- 2008