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Dear Harry,
Today I was introduced to the Mini-Course for Basic Attention Management. It was really amazing! Before I started, I decided that I wanted to be able to "choose where to put my attention and possibly learn how to prioritize where my attention should be." Throughout the Mini-Course, there were new tools to use that were really helpful to me. I had great experiences and personal insight with exercises 5 and 6. Part one of the exercise 5 was especially helpful because now and for future use I can use this to get more out of what I am doing. Then on exercise 6, I loved the list of unfinished projects and the idea of actually breaking it down so that it is more doable. Part 3 of exercise 6 was fun and a relieving exercise. I loved the examples!
Lastly, it is just amazing to have the knowledge that this unfinished business is taking the precious attention that is so valuable to living now, and just wasting it away. To have this knowledge and to be able to take care of the old things and get free attention back for the "Now" is so beautiful. Thank you!!
Emily Gardner- USA- 2005