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Dear Harry:

Just wanted to express my gratitude and share a success story of my cousin who I sent for Avatar to Holland in August.

It is so inspiring and such an auspicious start to Avatar in India.

Much love,



Hi Ashkay

It's Susannah from Heathrow last Thursday. Hope you got home ok; are you seeing any results from the Avatar course at all?

I just wanted to let you know more about what happened that morning for me. It was really incredible time to meet you and it gives me more confidence in a universal higher power.

The truth is that I was going to Amsterdam for euthanasia. I have been waking feeling suicidal for many months and couldn't face the thought of the psychotherapy I have been offered in London. I tried to kill myself in July, but failed and couldn't bear doing that again so decided to go to Amsteradm where assisted suicide is easily available.

Of course, I did still want to live, just not in such emotional chaos. That desire to live will always explore any option which is why I wanted to hear about Avatar. After I spoke to you, I found Julie's number on the website and called her and she released some fixed attention with me. It was really emotional and although I was very confused, my state of mind had at least
changed enough for me to cancel my ticket to Amsterdam.

Since then, I have done some of the mini courses and am hoping to do the next course in Amsterdam in September. I just wanted to share this with you.

I can't believe I met you at that time and am so grateful to you. I really hope you are seeing results from the course and that knowing the impact you
have had in my life will mean something to you too.

With best wishes