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Harry, I came to this course without any student only with the feeling that I really wanted to come to Avra's International Avatar Course. And with her deep compassion, she gave us the chance of a new challenge, the ‘Field Trip.' With our team, we aligned with our teamwork and inspired one Korean, who has a Real Estate Agency. We did an Intro in his office and ended up doing the Intro not only to him, but also to 4 Americans, who work there. That experience was so awesome. Even though we couldn't do the whole thing because of time. And later, 3 out of those 4 came to Marriott to do an Intro again.

I felt so moved to see them with Serious Drill, even though we couldn't guide them directly because they used Spanish in the Intro.

No money can buy these kinds of thrilling moments. I had not known that helping others to awaken and being there at that moment could be this joyful and happy for me! Thank You.

Nam, Jin-Hee- USA- 2007