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I'm a master on my second Internship. I've always completed the "The Discouragement Drill" with a bit of hesitancy and resistance. I felt it to a certain degree, but the shift was often short-lived. Shona took the Masters through the discouragement handling procedure as a group, discreating desire and resist to encouragement and discouragement. I really saw and felt how these identities that popped up, were keeping me from relaxing into the "Discouragement Drill" and the shifting of the modes it empowers. It was actually quite funny-I found it humorous and a great relief.
Thank you so much Harry and all the people/trainers who have pioneered this week using these amazing and simple tools to use ... if you choose. It has totally changed everything for me and I now feel in control and acceptance of my universe and can enjoy moving through the shells of creation/ beliefs to meeting consciousness out in the universe in other people. It is exciting and relieving! Much Love to you all,
Derek Browne