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Hi Harry,

The Compassion Project is a winner! I personally have had great results with the Compassion exercise in my life. I love to share it and all the Avatar tools with others. The Compassion Project has amplified my appreciation. I was impressed during the last few days by several stories I want to share with you in gratitude.

I was at a business event in Florida and passed out some Compassion cards. As I handed one to the man next to me, he shared a story about how, while having a heated phone discussion with his ex-wife, he felt like she was being very rude yelling at him on the phone. He said he really wasn't listening to her anymore as he was getting angry too. Someone had given him a compassion card some weeks earlier. He remembered, pulled out his compassion card, put his attention on his ex-wife and did the exercise. He said he felt much more connected and compassionate. What really surprised him was she actually became understanding, apologetic and ended the call on a pleasant note.

Another business person from Arizona, that also hasn't taken the Avatar Course yet, just ordered 500 compassion cards and said " I work with Domestic Violence Offenders and Alcoholic/Drug addicts. This card will be a wonderful teaching tool and gift to clients and referrals alike. I'm thrilled to participate in this project."

Wow! The Compassion Project is definitely helping create a better world for us all to share. Thank you so much for all you do towards that goal! Aloha,

Dale Sims- USA