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The Avatar Course

Hello life!

 Dear Harry,

Waking up again. Feeling again. Hello life! Watch out. Harry, thank you for putting it all together and writing it down!


Clearing all the miserables and limits

Dear Harry,

All my life I was the tough person, the person you could trust in, to help if you had a problem. I was afraid to face myself, the fact that I was also a human being with similar problems.

During this Avatar Course I decided deliberately, I’m not afraid of being vulnerable, or trusting in other people. I opened up my heart.

I managed to clear out all the "miserables" and limits which I created in my life. I’ll continue this work to raise the energy level of the whole world step by step. Thank you for your work and thanks to all Avatars for their work too, With loves,

Laura Vizueleti- Hungary

All the hurt, pain and trauma

Dear Harry,

I want to share my journey of Avatar. When I first got here I wanted to go home. I was scared of facing all the hurt, pain and trauma I was carrying with me! After a couple of days went by, I realized I just needed to let the course take charge.

Then I realized I could feel again and I felt like a new person. Then I learned what I was feeling all this time is what I was creating. Boy! Letting that go was amazing!! Now I have the tools to create anything I want and discreate anything I don’t want to have, too. Having this is better than any tool I have ever owned. I want to thank you, Harry Palmer, and everyone that has helped with my new journey in life! Love, smiles and thank you,

Tennille Excell- USA

Start feeling again!

Dear Harry,

To be aware you are not feeling and to be able to start feeling again is like being born into life again. Thank you for this gift. "All we need is feel..ta,tara,tara...." Remember? Like in the song "All we need is love....ta,tara,tara...." Love you and I also send you love throught the stars at night!

Luisa Santaella- Venezuela

Dramatic transformation surpassed anything

Dear Harry,

I participated already in many workshops, but this experience surpassed anything that I experienced before. For me, Avatar is the practical aspect of the Abraham teaching. What is/was missing up until now! Furthermore, I have not yet experienced so much love and clarity at a seminar. And I know this is because of the presence of all the Masters. I myself experienced a dramatic transformation.

And thank you, Harry, for being a ‘ regular guy’. And not a ‘ guru’. With much respect, love and gratitude,

Rienhard Paytz-USA

I was afraid of 'feeling'

Dear Harry,

I am attending my International Avatar Course. Today there is something I want to share. This morning I realized that the exercises we learn in Section II, developing the ability to percieve, is a present for me and others. I was afraid of 'feeling'. But now I know it is a wonderful gift. Now I will enjoy feeling everything. I want to say thank you for you and the Master that was my coach when I realized this. I love you Harry,

Yasuko Abe- Japan

Spiritual empowerment has arrived

Dear Harry Palmer,

I Thank you and Joy Devlin for keeping in touch with me and dropping me crumbs of wisdom; to sustain me and guide me to my blessed destiny of unity with spiritually "like-minded" people. It is more like the people that were always with me, and every new attraction, is what I needed to experience, yet remain detached from.

Spiritual empowerment has arrived for me. With you and God I created the life I want. Peace, love and blessings to you all. Money was never really my priority because I never believed it would solve my problems, or be my happiness. After all, the ‘All’ led me to you, or created you to help me and those like me.

Annette Buchanan Phillips- USA

The leap of faith I needed

Dear Harry,

I'm writing to thank you for your tools. I attended my first Avatar Course this year, and it was precisely the leap of faith I needed. I began with barely enough money to cover the first two days. Urgent bills and threatening letters from the IRS littered my desk at home, and yet it just felt "right" to travel across the country to Orlando and spend my last dollar in search of personal transformation. To say I have been "ready for this" is an understatement. By the beginning of the second section I was able to create enough money to stay the next five days. Each day became an opportunity to utilize my awareness to eliminate potential problems with ease, and I returned home with a rekindled sense of purpose and connection.

Years of spiritual training in meditation and energy healing never addressed the basic belief management issues I handled that first week at Avatar. Upon returning home, my $1000 debt to the IRS had been replaced with a $15,000 refund check — an incident my accountant relayed to me in disbelief. "In all my thirty years of accounting I have never seen this happen". I have since returned to complete Avatar in August, Masters in September and Pro Course in October. Those are their own stories with their own miracles. Thank you, Harry. You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation. Thanks also to my patient and compassionate qualified master and the master who introduced me. I will see you all at Wizards!

Joshua Daley- USA

So peaceful!

Dear Harry,

I’ve finished my Avatar Course in the Netherlands and have arrived home in Hungary. On the way back home in my car, my friend asked “Why don’t you join me at The Wizard Course?” I responded “I don’t know, it’s too soon, I’m not even a Master yet and haven’t the money either. He said” Then let’s go to Australia to the Master course!”

I closed my eyes and created my primary  “ I go to Wizards now!” It felt so peaceful! I also felt I have no idea how I am going to manage all the details. Not to even mention my work, someplace for my 5 year old daughter to go and only a few days to make all that happen!

Two Masters in the Netherlands supported me with all their help by phone. During the next few days I was all energetic with all my attention on my primary. I made the reservations for the ticket, applied for the visa and I even figured out where to create the money! That was big for me.

The Australian government emailed they needed more documents. During the nIght I was scanning and printing and sending the documents. I wrote a letter to the embassy that I need the visa now because I fly in the morning! Another Master also wrote a letter to them. The visa arrived in my mailbox with 3 hours left before the plane took off. I am so happy I made it, on the way to Masters and now I am going to Wizards! Thank you,

Csilla Szabo- Hungary

Things from my past

Dear Harry,

Thank you for giving me the tools I need to get rid of all the things from my past that were holding me back and showing me how to create the future I want! May you be happy and well,

Jason Dickison- Australia

A happier, more available, me!

Dear Harry and Avra,

To actually step back and realize that this very familiar, very painful experience with others is not what they are doing to me and something I must endure, but in fact is something I myself am creating, that it is a projection, is quite shocking! It is really like I have received and electric shock. My hair is standing on end and my mouth is gaping. Now it will be the using of these tools that will fix up my hairdo and shut my mouth and get me moving with gratitude and amazement into a whole new way of existing. A happier, more available, me! With love and gratitude,

Gabby Greig- Australia

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