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The Avatar Course

What I know now is worth more

Well Harry,
I had a great course. The last nine days have made me remember that I know less than when I came but what I know now is worth more.
I have had the feeling exercise. I even had bells, Harry, at my initiation.
A thank you for your staff and to know that I can now tell people there is something else to help you live better with your fellow man.
Graham Tench

Alive Again

Dear Harry,
In this course, Egmond, NL, I heard again from students that they are grateful for the support by a whole team and they express their gratitude to us. That touches me every time and I want to express my gratitude to you and for what you have created and keep on creating.
I'm very touched too by the teamwork and the great support we get to help awaken the students but also for our own integration and progress. It's a privilege.
And my mother (she's my student) said today, that she finally feels alive again. It was the most beautiful thing to see it in her eyes and to feel it.
Thank you!
Yvonne Schwienbacher

They are Gone

Part Two has taken me through a lot of indoctrinations, and hurt feelings that I thought I had put behind me.
Now I can feel that they are gone instead of just screwing on another lid to the container inside of me.
I can feel the strength of the primaries and the fading away of the secondaries (not that I don't think that I can make up a few....)
But I am on the way to be enlightened and one of my primaries is doing the Avatar Master Course.
Thank you!
Mirjam van der Heiden

Navigation System

I appreciate the skills I have learned to explore the things that seemed to be pushing me to an undefined destination.
Now I know what they are and how to change them. So now I have a navigation system that I can program with any destination I want and any voice I want, including the most beautiful route I can choose.
John Elast

I feel the awesomeness of the job ahead

Dear Harry,
This International Course in Egmond is an awesome experience. What an empowerment for inspiration. The new fieldtrip program works like a miracle. We boldly go and enjoy making connection from real admiration, sincere appreciation, proper acknowledgment and providing relevant information.
I feel the awesomeness of the job ahead. I'm fully committed to the mission.
Thank you for creating this marvelous primary.
Dieter Van Walle

I Create It All

The strongest emotion was created after the definition "I create it all".
In that moment, I had my enlightenment come out as a big crying and a lot of uneasiness.
Afterwards, serenity arrived.

Better Days Ahead

On the Auckland Avatar course last week, I integrated a lifelong pattern of creating doubt in others so that I could have power.

I felt sad for all I have done with this until I realised what I can now do with certainty in this wonderful work and all that you have made possible in the world through your commitment to making the future better.

I also realised that if there is a single thing we can all be certain of, it is that the goal of creating an enlightened planetary civilisation is a worthy one which can lift everyone and take this planet towards better days.

Thank you for your example and all you have made possible, for everyone, through your work and commitment. And thank you for creating the beautiful team, forming around this work which I am happy to be part of.



Hello. Harry.

My name is Sookwan Lee. Avatar Master.

I appreciate your contribution to EPC without giving up our world.

Thank you.


Sookwan Lee

Enjoy Life

Hello Harry,
Enjoy life - that's what I've learned on this course. I am an avatar and I've known this all my life. I realized it when I read the Resurfacing Book.
In between knowing and realization I've created a lot of identities. Worked hard and improve a lot of competition and struggle. The last three years I've learned that I have learned to listen to my heart again.
When it come from my heart everything is easier. I just have to grow and that is a natural thing. Sometimes I hit some rocky ground, old creations. All I have to do is recognize, accept and integrate and then I can move on.
Right now, I feel gratitude for the materials and for everybody's willingness to go on integrating and bringing Avatar to the world. I have the deepest respect for you, Miken, Avra, all the trainers and everyone who's gone ahead of me and working with the materials right now. You all have handled lots of discouragement.
I now created the primary to align with my primaries. I'm part of the team.
Marieke van Soest


Dear Harry,

I would like to share my experience of the Avatar initiation.
One of the arguments that had been raised to take the Avatar Course was that it would help me to experience what authors like Eckhard Tolle are writing about. I expected that I would have to work for the Wizard Course for this to happen but the Avatar initiation proved me wrong.
During the initiation I experienced things I had never experienced such as being without mind and body and I raised creations I wanted discrete I had never been aware of how they had bothered me. After the session I felt an incredible large inner space and the power of my senses seemed to have increased manifold. It made me feel a bit strange but also profoundly happy and fulfilled.
Many thanks for developing Avatar and many thanks for my Avatar, Master Myriam Emmen, to guide me on this path.
Warm regards,

Jan Peter Mout
The Netherlands


I came on advice and the enthusiastic advice of a coworker.

My issues are that I don't think I am a nice person and I deny myself the thing I really need/want.
At the Avatar part I, I learned/experienced that the only one who can change that is me. I am the one to work through all the previous events and "rules" I've picked up along the way.

I now want/need to do part II, but notice I am still reluctant into giving it to myself. So there is still work to be done.


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