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Good morning Harry,

I was working on my primary to create students for the very next Avatar Course in Santa Fe, New Mexico when I allowed myself to really look beyond my obvious secondaries like, money creations, memorizing the rundowns (because I'm legally blind), etc..
And I realized I've wanted to say, thank you Harry for the materials and the tools and for the living examples of how an EPC is done; and most incredible for me is the tireless, selfless support I've received from the very moment I decided to do ReSurfacing in October 2006.
In my searching, I was lead to the Avatar Course but, I thought I was only to take a brief look and get back to it maybe later. Well, "...the rest as they say is hysterical"! I went right through to Wizards and completed my first internship with two (2) students just last month. (Whew!)
For many reasons and I'll name one, I don't ever have to give up on myself, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply the tools and experience the shift in perspective all through my life.
OK, getting back to looking beyond my immediate secondaries-- I've know for a very long time that the chance for change for my African American community would have to come by way of a Spiritual program. No doubt! Avatar is sooo capable in what it offers. So what are my secondaries? Well where are all the African people? And what's happened over the past twenty (20) years? Harry suspicion is high among many in my community. And also there's great concern for joining a community that doesn't seem to acknowledge or appreciate the many Spiritual contributions made by people of color in the world
In light of all this I really know the world needs a shift and I want to be a part of a consciousness that is bringing a Program to share with my culture that when embraced and used can facilitate great healing in the Universe on the way back to enlightenment of all peoples.
I have a deep sense of great possibility in my community; so I would love to get your perspective.
Well Harry, I've enjoyed my time with you, take good care of your animal (I really like saying that phrase ;) and I'll write again soon. I believe I'm a much better talker than I am a writer, so I'll look forward to also talking with you about some of these concerns someday soon.

Warmest regards,
Marguerite Woods