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Dear Harry,

I watched during this Avatar Course as a student had an amazing shift. He came to the course with heavy anger towards his deceased Father who had abused him and his older brothers for many years and also driven the Mother and and daughter out of the home. His anger had been increasing for many years and led to his own wife leaving him recently. He had not yet abused his own children, but they had at least felt the arguments and tension.

Releasing Fixed Attention from ReSurfacing on day one lifted a large cloud and Transparent Beliefs on day two the very heavy load. His nieces and children, also here on the course, regarded him in his light, changed self with awe, delight, love and pride. With each exercise, each one, another weight has come off. He began section III before anyone else on the course and was ahead of most on his checklist, which has inspired all his family to work through their resistances and they are all finishing close behind him.

Thank you for discovering the tools of consciousness and for developing this incredible course that invariably creates magic and turns suffering into joy by techniques instead of indoctrination.

Pieter Kark- USA