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Dear Harry,
I am sorry I missed Wizards last year. Very. I did come across a Bible though in Pitjingakatajara(sp.) which I have at home. The title on the front Thurkupa Palya(sp.), translates to good dreaming. I dream one day of a Wizard's manual with the same erudition, only I guess it would read "SUCH HOPE!!" It has been an amazing journey to come to the realization of how incredibly fundamentally important it is to realize our dreaming. Thank you for finding a way to reconnect us all to ours by constructing a better way by which the universe may work. Avatar is surely a miraculous process not the least of which is evidenced by the incredible example set by the Star's Edge team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want you to know that I never lost faith in you and now realize; more integrity created is better than the damage caused without it.
In hope of honoring your trust and love,