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Dear Harry,

I am at the Wizard Course, it’s just 9:30 AM, your talk is soon and I’ve already had wow, wow, wow experiences!

I had a little run-in with my husband this morning. I was very upset and felt disconnected. Somebody, a Master, magically appeared and coached my on a rundown. I quickly found the belief creating the experience was around feeling excluded!

 I then coached her on some exercises. My clarity won on this course helped her to be clear about what she was handling. She handled some biggies! I was honored, blessed and happy to see it. She even cleared up more before we finished. I am so happy that I’m getting these exercises now. It is such a relief and so beautiful.

 Then I did some rundowns with my husband. We coached each other back and forth. It was great. I felt our connection so deeply after we did this. Really nice! Thanks for all and for being such an inspiration. From my deepest heart,

 Juliane Schwarz- United Kingdom