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Dear Harry,

It was my first time to translate for my fellow Korean Masters. I translated your talk from the DVD "How To Explain Everything". I am so grateful and proud also to have the chance to connect both of you to each other. I like this talk. It's very simple and straightforward like a line. Thank you so much for all of Avatar and the EPC.

I want to tell you an impressive scene from the last Avatar Course in Korea. One of the Masters finally created her husband and son as Avatars. She did the course more than 5 years ago. Her daughter became a Master earlier this year and they delivered the course to the other two family members together. At the end of the course I saw the four of them surround our Korean Qualified Master and hug her. Imagine such a beautiful moment. These two guys became Masters at this Masters Course. They will be a family of Wizards next year. Congratulations! Thank you Harry. Thanks!

Anne Tokko- Korea