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Dear Harry,

Thank you for your talk today. I have been struggling with my ability to appreciate for a while now, however, since you said if you cannot appreciate or love yourself, you will not be able to love or appreciate others. Wow. I had heard that before, but it landed today on a truckload of free attention to my doorstep! Struggle was replaced with an easy flow. This course has really helped me increase my responsibility to handle what ever comes up in the moment which helps keep my attention free to connect, create and contribute.

Another big thank you for creating the compassion project. The moment I bought the cards, I was on the lookout as to whom I could give them to so I could let them know of the project. I walked down the hall and handed out 4 to participants of another conference. It was so easy--such a shift in perspective for me being a team member of this project feels like such an honor and privilege. I feel like a presser beem has been released and every moment feels exciting as I share the gift of compassion so easily now with strangers. You can count on me.

All my love,