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Dear Harry,

Now I finally understand what impact the indoctrination in this society has and why we need to be free from that and have a "Type Four" belief system.

The Part for me that I improved most on this Master Course is I can see a being not as an identity but just as a being. Before I responded to specific identities and sometimes I regarded those identities as the whole part of the being. Now I can trust in others, as beings,  beyond the identities and I can be more compassionate to them. And I now understand why you started the Compassion Project! I will share more Compassion Cards with others and contribute to awakening more people for an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I want to improve with an attitude of more sincere respect for others and myself . I have abused myself and despised others before, but now I will respect and treat preciously not only myself, but also others. I think this is enough to be a good Master.

Thank you form the bottom of my heart for teaching me a lot and helping me to awaken. I have a wish to be a trainer and work with you when you are here. Now I have a lot of limitations about this, but I will manage myself, my words and actions to align with an EPC and the team. Thank you for staying together, Harry. Thank you so much. I love you,

Hyun Suk Cha- Korea