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Dear Harry,

Thank you for your Pro course, I enjoy it and the understanding in it so much. After a Master friend shared her knowledge of depression, I have been checking with the dictionary and doing the exercise to intensify my attention. Do you know what I found out? I have been misunderstanding myself so much! I thought I was suffering from depression , but now I know I wasn’t. I just experienced intense discouragement and now I have great tools to shift the discouragement.  Now 30 years of burden is released. Thank you to the Masters and all the works we have done to clean up the collective consciousness.

Also through this course I clearly understand what is love. 11 years ago , I fell in-love with a man. My heart wanted to be with him, but my mind was so strong and would not accept it. So I created a lots reasons to convincing my mind to marry him.  Like his money. Then I feel so guilty about marrying him for money that for ten years I was always dealing with this issue, but still not feeling right. Now I understand and I know.  I can be with someone who touches my heart. No need a reason or to satisfy the others rules. I feel love . It is love. The love is so simple, no need for a reason, no need any grand condition, such as good looking, nice face, perfect height, social status or lots money!

I experienced such lightness, so happy and with no reason. And I also love the Rat list and like every Creation list after the CHP, I experienced “Pu Dow” Ten times stronger, like the Initation Session starting Section III. So much gratitude for your great tools. I feel alive.

Julie Tu- Australia