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The Taos Cooperative Avatar Course has been my second internship and I arrived without a student. Right away I was moved to a table with younger students from 15 years old to late 20's. By the second day I began working with a fifteen year old from a Navajo reservation in Utah who has experienced much more than a 15 year old should have to. My first exercise with her was transparent belief which took the entire allotted time but was absolutely worth the wait. She felt so much lighter! By the end of the ReSurfacing weekend, it was decided that I would support her through sections II and III because she wasn't as comfortable working with her Mom and she had a good connection with me.
As each day passed, she felt so much lighter and began smiling! At one point I worked with her on the reality creation list and one of her secondaries was that she couldn't stop laughing!
The exercise that I'd like to share with you is handling attacks. She wrote that she blamed her family. I aligned with a teammate and she mentioned that I could work with this student on all of the different aspects of that blame. I found her and supported her in discovering all associated feelings, identities and resistances. Each discovery was discreated until she felt clear. At the end her response was "I feel like a piece of me is missing." Whoa! She said she felt this huge wieght had been lifted from her.
I'm just now remembering...after we ran persistant mass exercise, she said she just couldn't stop smiling!
Her Mom announced her last night as the world's newest Avatar. She couldn't stop smiling!

Robin Jackson- USA- 2009