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I came to intern in Resurfacing as the next step on my Avatar path. I came primarily to have a positive experience of the Resurfacing Materials as I did not enjoy the table work or reading at my initial Resurfacing Course and despite doing Master, Pro and Wizards, my attitude to Resurfacing was that it was something tedious to get through (apart from a few exercises) in order to get to the good stuff - Section II rewards. I have had a great course and have really enjoyed my three days. I have been amazed at what good stuff there is amongst the Resurfacing Materials on review. I have had alot of realizations and shifts. I also came feeling quite separate from the network as I don't quite "toe the line". I was surprised and delighted to feel really welcome, to be supported and to find the course relaxing and interesting rather than scary and full of pressure. It has been a great experience to be a part of.