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Dear Harry,

A note from Australia to thank you for your inspirational book - "Living Deliberately" !

I am in the very early stages of connecting with the Avatar network - and I'm looking forward to attending an Avatar Gathering in 2008.

After purchasing an Avatar Power Pack from the inspiring, wise and wonderful Virginia Reid (Newcastle, Australia) - I sat down to read about the discovery and development of Avatar.

By Chapter 10 I felt my world moving and changing - I was nodding and laughing and experiencing profound shifts, deep feelings and connections - and I was only half way through the book ! What a journey, what a story !

No surprise to you, I'm sure.

I found myself reading each page with "deliberation" and each day I made a real and moving connection to the insights contained on each page.

The vision of the float tank with the typewriter on top brought tears to my eyes and I found myself chuckling ! I am a great fan of the float tank experience and I just loved the eccentricity and sheer brilliance of the
idea and the process. And your description of Avra's reaction to the removal of the cherry dining table !

Thanks so much for sharing that experience !

At that stage (only a week ago ) I hadn't even visited your website or viewed a podcast - and I was connected !

Virginia encouraged me to email you at this early stage as she thought you might enjoy this information !

I have now finished the book and am taking deep, happy breaths and the world has taken on a new feel. I'm looking forward to the wonders of the "Resurfacing" experience and will be putting my seatbelt on to enjoy the next ride !

Thanks for your insight, persistence, wisdom and courage in following your true path - leading to such wonderful changes in the life of so many others.

With much appreciation and warm regards,

Catherine Connelly