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I came to review the Avatar Course with my Wife who was doing the course for the first time. I was surprised to discover  reviewing Masters instructed to do the mini-courses instead of sections II and III. Hmmmm, why wasn't I told that ahead of time? My ego was not pleased!(LOL). I've done mini-courses many times on my own back in New York, but I got so much more out of the materials doing them in a group. The mini Course really is a major course in itself! The mini course helped me deepen my understanding of the core principles of living deliberatel!

Thanks Harry! It's exactly what I needed at this moment in time as I buck conventional belief systems and launch my new business in this economic climate!

P.S. My wife, Liz, is doing the Avatar Course and having fantastic results! She loves the materials and supportive Masters. She already has signed up for the September Masters Course....and has some secondaries about attending Wizards in January. We are both very excited about creating the relationship and lives as pure source creators. What could be more exciting???

With love and appreciation,

M.R.- USA- 2009