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Hi Harry,

I had the opportunity to do an Introductory Mini- Course at a Unity Church here in Florida on the Saturday before the International Avatar Course began.

25 members of the church showed up. 8 other masters came from miles away to help out. Still there were too many people without Masters when it came time for the Transparent Belief exercise. Masters from around the U.S. were put "on call" and we put them on cell phones to work the exercise on the phone.

It was neat to see the power of the Sangha, the family. As a result three board members came to the course. One is already signed up for the Masters Course and another went home to get his wife, so she begins the ReSurfacing Course tomorrow.

All three students are talking about how to get every member of the church to take the course. Powerful Stuff!! I'm happy to be part of it! Thanks!

Carol Dodge- USA- 2009