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Dear Harry,

Thank you for the talk I heard you give at the course about treating our bodies as sacred. To me that extends to our lives and families. Last year I spent 6 months back home in New Zealand hanging out with my son ( amongst sharing with people about Avatar, etc.). That investment in time and action of showing him how important he is to me is paying big dividends!

From his being someone drowning in alcoholic binges, he has decided to moderate his intake. From someone who could not save a penny and had no goals, he has set up a saving account with deposits coming out of his pay and is planning a trip to Canada. Last night I called him. He was at work with an 18 hour day ahead of him. His good energy was palpable. He told me " I'm doing alright"!

I am thrilled that he is awakening and that you have given me the tools to help him to do this. Thank you with all my heart!

F.C.- Australia