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It just feels great to be writing you. My story happened at my Avatar Masters Course. A south Korean woman came to me and asked if I could help her. She was going to do the Professional Course. I had secondaries, but said “Yes!”. She said she needed a visa to India, she needed it in two days and it seemed impossible. I thought what can I do? I had some family that might be able to help so I called, but they let me know there was nothing they could do.

I suggested to the woman that we create a primary and we did.Then I used some of the other tools from Section III of the Avatar Course to support her. She went home and I slept.

I got another message the next morning that it couldn’t be done. I handled some more secondaries and could still feel some discouragement, so I used the exercise we had just learned at Masters to handle that. It was awesome.

After doing some more of the exercises during my course, I went and found the woman in the course room. Well, it turned out she had been searching for me too. When we met she showed me a message she had received saying your passport is ready, please collect it from the embassy!

Beautiful isn’t it! She had gotten the message after we both had done all the work around it. It feels lovely to be empowered by being Source!!

Gaurav Kandpal- USA