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Dear Harry,

Here I am just after doing part of the Source List and being present at the morning talk. I am experiencing whatever it is called, perhaps bliss or perhaps just Source at a deeper level. I have had so many of these moments in my life (at age 70), many of them through Avatar work, but what I feel now (and since early this A.M.) is the feeling that I can access this level of consciousness/awareness more easily because of the Integrity tools. To see that we are all doing the same kinds of "dances" of control or be controlled, so now I have nothing left to prove to anyone or them to me! That is a gift beyond compare that you have given. It is no wonder that the gift of these tools has attracted people who can carry on the mission so beautifully.

Thank you again for your gift and for all that we receive from Avra and all the others Trainers and Qualified Masters. Love,

Deborah Silvey- USA