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Dear Harry,

In the last few years, since I became an Avatar and then a Master, I have had the opportunity to thank you for my experiences of delivering Avatar to my mother and husband. This week I am delivering to my dear friend. We have known each other for almost 15 years and the experience of this week has gifted me with a new level of integration and heartfelt "WOW"!

My favorite moment with my friend was during Section II doing and exercise. I asked her where she would like to go in the classroom to work and she asked "Is the floor okay?" and I said "Sure!". I followed her to a spot on the floor. As we sat in a corner of the room, across from each other, our legs crossed, ready to begin- the room suddenly got very quiet. I could feel there was nothing between us but care, appreciation and the materials you created. She had an enlightening and empowering experience from the exercise. While she was feeling her own belief for the first time, I allowed a quick tear of gratitude to fill my eye. For me it was one of the sweetest, most pure moments of the course. For her the exercise awakened a new understanding, hope and a feeling of all possibilities. She told me she was excited! Thank you with all my heart.

Rachel Madorsky- USA