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Dear Avra,

This week has been the most incredible and valuable growing and learning experience and I want to thank you for the way in which you have taught and guided and supported us all in showing up and growing up! That's how I feel, that I have grown up so much-and out-in all directions. You are a powerful, bright, shining light for the entire Sangha and I am very, very grateful for the space you created this week for the AI team every morning. No words can describe the experience but I have felt myself grow in awareness and commitment and I felt that growth throughout the AI team. My primary before this course was to contribute to this being a tipping point for humanity...and this is what it has been for me - and I believe for the entire team - and thus for the planet. Thanks (this word is inadequate) to you, and all of the trainers for your genuine compassion, commitment and care.

Love, L. M. (Intern)